The Need

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust needed assistance to tackle an issue of limited physical capacity. This was due to increased demand for day-surgical procedures. The Trust acted to manage the need before it escalated into a crisis.

The Q-bital Plan

Working alongside the Trust, Q-bital developed a plan to install a mobile laminar flow theatre and a mobile ward on site.

The Q-bital Solution

The two Healthcare Spaces seamlessly integrated with the main building via a specially-constructed corridor, making it almost impossible for patients to tell when they were leaving and entering the supplementary mobile facility.

The Trust worked with Q-bital to introduce the facility to staff and patients alike. They held an open day to introduce the facility. The clinical staff who worked on site were given additional training. The Trust also briefed patients on the environment in which their procedures would take place.

Inside the visiting hospital at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

The Outcome

Feedback from patients was 100 positive. As a result, the facility became a central part of the Trust’s strategic approach to service reconfiguration. It also saw use as a hand trauma ward and theatre.

Clinical staff quickly came to love working in the Healthcare Space, realising it provided a professional, high-tech environment in which they could carry out procedures without the normal distractions of a hospital environment.