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A mobile endoscope decontamination unit offers an ideal decant facility during refurbishment programmes or can provide additional endoscope decontamination capacity to hospitals experiencing high demand. Fully HTM compliant, including HTM-05-02 fire safety for single-storey building, the facility can process up to 120 scopes per day and has been designed in accordance with JAG guidelines. It provides a spacious, climate-controlled work environment with natural light, designed and equipped in consultation with frontline staff. It can be installed in a matter of hours and becomes operational following a short commissioning period.

Q-bital endoscope decontamination units include:

  • IP65-rated equipment for track and trace system
  • Duplex Reverse Osmosis water system
  • 4 Automated Endoscope Reprocessors
  • 2 drying cabinets
  • Pass-through hatch for one-way endoscope flow
  • 2 endoscope sinks
  • Chemical storage unit
  • 2 transport trolleys
  • Staff welfare area
  • WC
  • Technical room
  • Separate clean/dirty staff flow
  • Separate clean/dirty endoscope flow


Unit dimensions 17m x 7m
Electrical supply

Electrics – main: 400V, 3-Phase, Neutral + Protective Earth; 250A Marechal connection

Electrics – backup (supplied with unit): 200kVA, 400V, 3-Phase, Neutral + Protective Earth

Water supply 1” British Standard Connection >3 bar and 0.5” British Standard Connection >3 bar
Foul drainage Foul water and soil connections
Telecommunications RJ45 (ethernet) network connection and NTE5 (British Telecoms standard) telephone connection
Other CCTV, fire alarm, and track and trace data connection for integration with the main hospital

The installation process takes 3-4 hours, followed by an agreed commissioning programme.