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The visiting hospital is a combination of a mobile operating theatre and a mobile hospital ward. Q-bital mobile facilities are designed to integrate in this way, allowing for maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of a hospital. Hospitals can choose either a standard or laminar flow ventilated operating room. This innovative combination of mobile units allows for a complete patient pathway outside of the hospital’s own physical space but still within the premises of its estate. Usually used as a day-case facility, the visiting hospital provides an excellent means to preserve patient flow during refurbishment or to provide additional capacity for day surgery cases in times of high demand or when waiting lists are high.

Our visiting hospital facilities include:

  • Anaesthetic room
  • Operating theatre
  • Scrub area
  • 2-bed, first-stage recover area
  • HEPA-filtered environmental air
  • Integrated medical gas banks
  • Changing room
  • Utility areas
  • Reception/nurse station
  • 6-bed ward
  • Bedhead system with oxygen, vacuum and lights
  • WC with wheelchair access
  • Refreshment area


Unit dimensions 16.9m x 15m
Electrical supply 400v N+PE, 125 Amp and 63 Amp
Water supply 2 x 15mm pipe at 3 bar – brass tap connection
Foul drainage 2 x 45mm pipe
Telecommunications NTE5

The installation process takes 3-4 hours, followed by an agreed commissioning programme.