Flexible Healthcare Spaces provider, Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, will be exhibiting at the Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health Forum and Victorian Healthcare Week.

The Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health Forum is being held in Sydney, Australia, on 13th-14th September 2022. The Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health Forum, presented by the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW will bring together Indigenous experts from across the country to discuss solutions that will help progress the Closing the Gap agenda, particularly as it relates to the health sector.

The Q-bital APAC team are excited to attend this event to discuss with indigenous experts on how our mobile facilities can provide increased clinical capacity within rural areas.

Q-bital Healthcare Solutions is also delighted to be a Spotlight Partner at the 10th Annual Victorian Healthcare Week. The Q-bital APAC team will be exhibiting at the Victorian Health Facilities Design & Development Summit on 7th – 8th December 2022, Melbourne Convention & Expo Centre.

With Victoria’s recent record $2.9 billion investment towards health facilities redevelopments over 2022-23 alone, the commitment to modernize and expand our built environments for this changing healthcare landscape is clear. The Health Facilities and Design and Development Summit (HFDD) brings Victoria’s leading health infrastructure leaders together to address these notions and dive into contemporary planning, design and delivery practices shaping hospitals of the future.

Peter Spryszynski, Country Manager (APAC) at Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, comments “We are excited to showcase our expertise at these events. It gives us the opportunity to discuss how Q-bital is able to provide mobile healthcare solutions to healthcare providers, assisting in combating planned care backlogs in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.”.