Two new laminar flow mobile operating theatres will soon be coming off the production line, meaning additional flexible capacity will be available to Australian healthcare providers from next month.

The new facilities are being produced to help deal with rising waiting lists as Covid-19 pressures start to ease. With elective surgery having been suspended or postponed during the pandemic, waiting lists for elective surgery have increased across Australia, and hospitals in some areas now face substantial backlogs.

Q-bital’s mobile operating rooms can be set up within a short space of time to offer a significant increase in capacity at the same site as the main hospital, a solution which has a number of benefits compared to outsourcing. There is less disruption for patients, as they are attending the same site and dealing with the same staff, and the hospital retains control of the entire patient pathway.

Having a mobile theatre on site can also help with safely managing patient flow and protecting elective capacity as the health system remains vulnerable to local outbreaks of Covid-19. Mobile operating rooms can be combined with modular units to create a completely stand-alone facility or surgery centre capable of admitting, treating and discharging non-Covid patients, allowing elective operations to go ahead.

A mobile theatre can also provide temporary replacement capacity during the refurbishment of existing theatres, or a temporary capacity boost during periods of high patient demand.

The new mobile facilities have laminar flow, and as such are suitable for most procedure types, including those with the highest waiting lists such as cataract surgery, hip replacements, knee replacements and joint revisions.  As well as an operating room, the new laminar flow theatres will have an anaesthetic room, a 2-bed recovery area, a scrub area, and utility and changing areas, and are designed with the needs of the user in mind.

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