INNOVATIVE Healthcare Spaces provider Q-bital Healthcare Solutions has appointed one of Australia’s leading healthcare experts, Donna Burns, to its Board of Directors.

Donna, who is based in Brisbane, joins Q-bital, a clinical healthcare facilities provider, with tailored solutions including operating rooms and CSSDs, as a Non-Executive Director.

Q-bital partners with healthcare providers to provide high quality mobile and bespoke modular clinical environments including standard operating rooms, laminar flow operating rooms, endoscopy suites, day surgeries, clinics, wards, dual procedure rooms, decontamination suites and central sterilisation services departments for a wide range of uses including orthopaedics, ophthalmology and endoscopy.

The former nurse and highly experienced senior and executive leader is also Deputy Chief Executive of The Healing Foundation, a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation providing a platform to amplify the voices and lived experience of Stolen Generations survivors and their families.

Beginning her career as an Emergency Nurse, Donna has held leadership roles in both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and the broader healthcare and social sectors.  She is committed to intergenerational healing for First Nations Peoples.

She said: “I’m thrilled and really excited to be joining Q-bital Healthcare Solutions and am looking forward to helping shape and deliver its future strategy using both my expertise in specialist health alongside my knowledge and experience which comes from my ‘day job’ in supporting First Nations communities.

“These two roles complement one another very well and really do ‘knot together’.  The work Q-bital does is part of making healthcare more accessible for communities across Australia and the organisation is also looking for ways in which it can help close the healthcare gaps that exist.

“That Q-bital solutions can feasibly be deployed really anywhere and the accessibility that comes with that will undoubtedly help in areas where there are long waiting lists for essential procedures such as endoscopy.

“Bridging the gaps and helping provide these really key procedures – as Q-bital does – is not just about saving lives, it’s also about improving people’s quality of life and maximising access to healthcare and improved health outcomes.

Peter Spryszynski, Country Manager at Q-bital, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have welcomed Donna to our Board as a Non-Executive Director. Her vast experience and knowledge of government and healthcare are a huge asset to our team and will help us to continue to develop our strategy and delivery across the country, in turn helping healthcare providers deliver essential procedures.”