The challenge

On occasion, some projects can be more complex and on a larger scale, meaning that they require the commission of a new tailored healthcare facility/complex.

The Q-bital offering

Q-bital has a consultative engineering and build team who undertake bespoke projects.

Every Q-bital project is unique. Solutions are often comprised of a combination of Q-bital products and services, for example:

  • Temporary facilities for piloting new surgical delivery methods or service configurations
  • Creating healthcare compounds at sites where all existing healthcare buildings have been catastrophically damaged
  • Adjustable iterations to support rebuilding projects on constrained sites
  • Autonomous Healthports for bringing accessible healthcare to remote locations
  • Healthcare villages for global events, including major sporting events

Specialists together create unique solutions

All of our products are developed by our own engineering department. We have specialists in electronics, construction, design, logistics, and transport, who work in teams to create the best solutions.

Our clients are, without doubt one of our greatest resources when it comes to solution development. One of our strengths is that we are always able to develop our products in close cooperation with the people who need them.

Innovations setting a new standard

Q-bital development and engineering has a long tradition of developing innovative solutions which later have become standards in the fleet. – When a Q-bital solution is selected, clients get the best engineered and clinically capable environment. Furthermore and thanks to our wide range, flexibility, and constant development of new products, we can always change and further develop our solutions concurrently to meet new demands.

From idea to finished solutions

Everything starts with the discovery of a need, we are always eager to do a thorough job to develop the best solution in partnership with our clients. We run our projects with clear stage gates as below:

1. Early engagement

Initially a group of experts from both parties gather together to examine the need. At this stage we visit the existing clinical environment to understand the local practices and also scope potential locations for additional infrastructure. This thorough evaluation of current working methods and identifying locations with clinical adjacency are key priorities at this stage. To enable the development of a tailored workable solution with an effective patient flow.

2. Creative but thorough work

When Q-bital have a good understanding of the need, work starts on finding the best possible solution regarding functionality, safety and efficiency. Different ideas and thoughts are tested in the development group.

Finally, when we have come so far that we have a selection of blue prints.

3. Presenting a solution to your challenge

In order to get confirmation that our solution fits the needs of our clients, we will present back a number of blue print solutions for discussion and collaboration. At this point is key to review both the clinical pathway the service will use and any enabling works required to prepare for an initialisation.

4. A new tailor made solution

After having preformed modifications to the blue print design and gained final sign off, the infrastructure package and subsidiary services is prepared and collated ready for initialisation.

5. Safe design development and implementation

The solution should be safe, functional and efficient. The design is important in achieving this but will not be successful without the expert clinical input and practices.

6. Facility installation

Q-bital organises an operational delivery meeting to agree work practices and responsibilities for the contract, enabling all involved parties to make appropriate preparations. Q-bital manages the transportation and installation process at an agreed time with the hospital to ameliorate the impact on staff and patients. Once installed, the commissioning process will take place to ensure the facility is fully prepared to go live. For the duration of the contact, Q-bital will service and maintain the facility in line with the required standards.

7. Service satisfaction

As part of a partnership feedback is important- it helps us to see the bigger picture. That is why we continually ask for client feedback. This helps us ensure we properly assess and review our services to continue to deliver the highest standard of environment and clinical care. Should you have any comments please contact us