The opportunity you have

Contemporary healthcare strategy calls for creating more fair and accountable health systems in remote communities and developing countries to deliver the highest quality of care in a sustainable way. Today the populations from these communities have to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to the main hospital. This locomotion is becoming unsustainable due to demographic growth, again population, and increase in long term health conditions. Consequently patients in remote areas often receive limited or no service locally, struggling to reach the main hospital due to distance and or costs results in missed appointments and incomplete treatments.

The decision to build more hospitals in more remote communities requires an assessment of the investments’ sustainability in relation to time and direct and indirect cost for, design, tendering, construction, commissioning, and operating- fixed vs. variable. This process can be lengthy and incur high costs.

A healthcare system can improve access to healthcare by implementing more innovative systems of delivery. Rather than build multiple large capital investment projects in each remote community a more flexible system using a mixed modality hub and spoke design can be employed.

The Q-bital offering

Q-bital offers HealthPortabilty, scalable and flexible structures which are relocatable and reusable structures to provide service and the point of need including:
• Mobile units
• Modular units
• Prefabricated buildings

Designed for you each solution is uniquely tailored to suit your service needs. Working in consultation, Q-bital will talk through the process with you from:
• Select a territory
• Define the required services
• Select location and implement medical hub
• Implement mobile and modular units
• Plan and deliver services, materials, equipment, and care relevant to the populations’ needs; on a flexible basis

The interchangeable nature of HealthPortability can offer a number of benefits:
• Provide care closer to the patient
• Provide more comprehensive care to remote communities
• Guarantee the maximum throughput and efficiency
• Reduce incomplete pathways and treatments
• Flex capacity and costs as necessary
• Reduce travel and subsistence costs
• Only pay as long as demand dictates
• Leave the larger general hospital to focus on more specialised procedures
• Maximise the capital-intensive fixed assets and other overhead

Outcomes for you

By adopting HealthPortability as a new model of healthcare delivery the populations of remote communities can receive more thorough and timely healthcare including:

  • Bring services closer to patient
  • Reduce health migration and associated strains on the infrastructure
  • Reduce incomplete care pathways and DNAs
  • Improve health outcome
  • Suitable for seasonal variations in demand and population
  • Flex provision to demand
  • Easy to relocate where needed
  • Maximise the human and infrastructure capital of the general hospital Provide care on a planned basis