The challenge you face

Hospital and community health services are continuously refurbishing facilities or changing the location or the type of treatment provided in a facility. Service reconfiguration and refurbishment programmes can occur for a variety of reasons, for example to respond to financial or workforce pressures, provide more effective clinical outcomes, improve patient access to healthcare or react to new technological developments.

Such large projects can often cause potential disruption to the delivery of patient care, and in an already pressured system a loss of capacity can have a serious detrimental impact on achieving acceptable patient waiting times.

The Q-bital offering

Engage with Q-bital at the earliest possible opportunity when considering replacement capacity or outsourcing. Involving our experienced specialists in the planning stages of your project means that we can help you with our 6 stages to success methodology build an appropriate level of replacement clinical capacity in your business case.

We will work with you to understand where and when your existing service will need to be complemented by additional infrastructure, including; mobile and modular facilities; and medical devices. Each project is treaded individually and can vary in length from a few weeks to a longer rolling programme.

Using a reliable and effective Q-bital solution as an integral part of your project will provide continuous patient care and continued compliance. Using mobile and modular  healthcare facilities ensures that patient activity remains under the control of the host hospital during such projects. This can support hospitals to maintain activity levels and to continue meeting waiting time targets by preventing operational downtime.

The outcomes you will see

  • Plan a programme of refurbishments, or sequence a redesign, in one go
  • Reduce project times by providing capacity away from the project area
  • Maintain activity levels, to continue meeting waiting time targets
  • Offset a temporary reduction in capacity with a proven, viable solution
  • Quickly establish interim services when compliance issues arise
  • Maintain care standards and protect the patient experience
  • Medical device equipment to supplement your portfolio