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Ward solutions

Bespoke hospital wards to supplement your existing bed capacity

Hospital ward space is often at a premium, particularly during seasonal periods of additional pressure. The introduction of a mobile or modular ward can significantly increase the bed space available at a hospital, easing the pressure on healthcare providers and improving patient access to vital inpatient care.

Our hospital wards can be built bespoke to your requirements, either as a standalone ward unit or as part of a complex, with any number of beds and a layout configured to suit the needs of your patients. Requirements such as a reception and nurse station, a changing room, multi-bays and trolleys, utility rooms and a refreshment area can all be accommodated. A bedhead system with oxygen, vacuum, and lights is available can also be provided on request. Our Healthcare Spaces come ventilated with HEPA-filtered air that can be regulated by the integral climate control system. 

Practical considerations such as site dimensions, electrical and water supply, foul draining, and telecommunications will be discussed to ensure everything runs smoothly. Read more about our design and build service.

Ward Solutions

Mental health facilities that create a positive environment

The design of Healthcare Spaces that support mental health services is extremely important and we are sensitive to the requirements. Creating modular mental health spaces that are welcoming and provide a therapeutic environment for patients to receive maximum support is our absolute priority.

By working collaboratively with healthcare providers, we build in features that support positive mental health care, reflect the need for safety, and maximise patients’ well-being. We consider the need for maximum privacy, space, and natural lighting.

Our mental health facilities are suitable for use as alcohol and substance abuse treatment centres and provide the optimum environment to help patients into recovery.

Mobile Ward - 6 bed/8 trolley


Delivering additional bed capacity…fast

Exact timings will depend on the choice of facility, but this timeline shows how we fast-track every commission.

Initial 3 – 4 hours 

Facility delivery

Week 1 of commissioning and familiarisation plan

Testing and ratifying the facility and its services

Weeks 2-3 of commissioning and familiarisation plan

Focus on clinical practices and equipment set-up

The commissioning period can be expedited in exceptional circumstances and subject to your local risk management protocols. 

A clinical services manager with current clinical registration (NMC or HCPC) will be assigned to the facility for the duration of the contract and will be present for the commissioning period to assist with preparations and to answer any questions.

Ward Solutions

Case studies

Withybush Hospital, Pembrokeshire

To provide improved flow of cataract patients, Q-bital delivered a mobile visiting hospital to Withybush Hospital to provide a short-term boost to capacity.

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