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Our endoscopy suites provide a high quality, safe and comfortable space

Our endoscopy suites are designed to accommodate a complete patient pathway and can be used to perform a range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

Every endoscopy suite can be built to be bespoke to your requirements. It can include a reception, admission and discharge areas, a consulting room, patient bays and WC, staff WC, and a refreshment area plus a whole range of other optional features. With HEPA-filtered environmental air and integral medical gas, vacuum, and scavenging systems, as well as decontamination equipment and storage for endoscopes, our suites provide a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and staff. 

Our dual procedure suites allow for a one-way flow of both staff and endoscopes, ensuring clean and dirty never cross with multiple pass-through AERs to offer high volume capacity.

An endoscopy suite range to help you meet your targets

Our endoscopy suites are available in single or dual procedure options where decontamination facilities are provided for flexible endoscope reprocessing. They provide a spacious, climate-controlled work environment with natural light, designed, and equipped in consultation with frontline staff. They can be installed in a matter of hours and become operational following a short commissioning period.

Depending on the selected model, our clients can achieve a minimum of 24 or 48 JAG (Joint Advisory Group) points per day.


Mobile single room endoscopy unit

A - Consulting room
B - Kitchen area
C - Ward
D - Changing room
E - Scrub area
F - Procedure room
G - Dirty processing room
H - Clean processing room
I - Air lock corridor
J - Disabled toilet
K - Water service locker
L - Staff toilet
M - Reception
N - Plant room
O - Ward utility
P - Staff corridor
Q - Waiting area
R - Patient entrance
S - Gas bank

Delivering endoscopy suite solutions…fast

Exact timings will depend on the choice of facility, but this timeline shows how we fast-track every commission.

Initial 3 – 4 hours 

Facility delivery

Week 1 of commissioning and familiarisation plan

Testing and ratifying the facility and its services

Weeks 2-3 of commissioning and familiarisation plan

Focus on clinical practices and equipment set-up

The commissioning period can be expedited in exceptional circumstances and subject to your local risk management protocols. 

A clinical services manager with current clinical registration (NMC or HCPC) will be assigned to the facility for the duration of the contract and will be present for the commissioning period to assist with preparations and to answer any questions.

Read how the Basingstoke Hospital, Hampshire achieved their aim to make radical changes to their facilities to ensure patients received prompt endoscopy treatment. Our mobile suite was delivered, functional and operational within two weeks. 

The whole colonoscopy process isn’t pleasant, but my experience was excellent. The friendly and professional nurses and the skilful and reassuring doctors/technicians made my appointment a breeze. Thank you”.
Colonoscopy patient

Finding a solution that works for your hospital could start here…

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Case studies

Basingstoke Hospital, Hampshire

A Q-bital mobile endoscopy suite forms part of the strategy for achieving JAG accreditation at Basingstoke Hospital.

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