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We have made every effort to make this site accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Landmark roles

Following guidance set by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (ARIA), landmark roles are provided to make the site more accessible. Roles used to identify specific content or navigation areas for machine readers and assistive devices such as screen readers.

Landmarks have been used to identify the site’s main sections, and ARIA attributes match their roles.

Browser support

The site is built in a flexible manner and is fully responsive to ensure the best possible user experience across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

The site is fully supported (meaning the optimal experience where all content is delivered and accessible as intended) for the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on desktop, as well as the latest version of Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS.

Support for the previous two versions of the browsers listed above is deprecated (meaning all content is accessible but the user experience may be lessened. HTML, Javascript and CSS presentation will degrade gracefully (i.e. not throw errors) if the browser is incapable of delivering the functionality).

Older browsers or browsers not listed above are not supported (meaning that the browser is not tested and therefore some content may be inaccessible and experience may be seriously affected).


HTML5 markup is used to structure the site with appropriate elements used to identify content clearly and logically for search engines or screen readers.


The use of JavaScript will give the user enhanced features of the site. Where it is not available then all pages and process are still accessible.


All forms fields follow a logical tab sequence to ensure easy navigation. Form fields also have ‘label’ and ‘id’ attributes to associate the form field with its label to allow for easy entry of data.


All links have been written to make sense when taken out of context. Where appropriate, we have also added link title attributes to describe the link in greater detail.

Font size

The font sizes used on the website are fully flexible. You can change the font size to make it either larger or smaller via your browser settings.


We have taken care to ensure that the site’s colour combinations and contrast are effective in ensuring information is still clear when viewed by all by having a minimum contrast ratio of 3 across the site.


We use Adobe PDFs for additional information and downloads. Adobe PDF Reader is freely available for use on any computer, and can be downloaded here.


Q-bital Healthcare Solutions
Unit 1144 Regent Court, The Square, Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester, GL3 4AD