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Our facilities

We can help you discover the best Healthcare Space solution

Q-bital mobile, modular and mixed-modality solutions use Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to build in cost savings through accelerated delivery and construction that is more efficient and less labour intensive. 

At this stage you may have identified a need for additional capacity but are unsure which facility would work best for you. When you contact us, our specialist team will take the time to discover more about your hospital and its requirements and will suggest which Healthcare Space could offer you the best solution.

Why mobile?

Here’s an overview of the benefits of mobile facilities. These points may be helpful to include when developing a business case for the integration of additional mobile Healthcare Space to your hospital facilities. 

  • Rapid deployment to manage surges in demand without increasing capital expenditure

  • Clinical adjacency to emergency and critical care facilities

  • Fully managed service reduces pressures on staffing levels

  • Integration with hospital fire and emergency call procedures

  • Integration with hospital IT system

  • Patients remain in existing clinical pathway, following local protocols 

  • Access to a premium healthcare environment

  • Continuity of patient journey in a familiar location, with familiar clinicians, supporting patient satisfaction

Why modular?

Here’s an overview of the benefits of modular facilities. These points may be helpful to include when developing a business case for the addition of modular Healthcare Space to your hospital facilities. 

  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) support reduction in hospital carbon footprint

  • Reduced disruption to the existing facility and estate

  • Rapid delivery, with module manufacturing conducted concurrently with site works = less time on site

  • Standardised modular solutions provide a high degree of flexibility and interchangeability should a client’s needs change over the life span of the building e.g. additional floors / adaptions can be added quickly and with ease 

  • Sustainability benefits – reduced carbon footprint and waste 

  • Total control of quality due to manufacturing of the facility in a controlled environment. Enhanced quality when compared to traditional building methods

  • With design for manufacture and assembly in mind, our modular solutions achieve a pre-manufactured value of 80%+


An example of the speed at which modular facilities can be installed

  • 4 modular operating rooms
  • 1 ward
  • 1 support hub

Total construction time = 12 weeks*

*Groundworks and enabling activities were conducted concurrently with off-site module construction, accelerating installation time.

The efficiency of modular construction was highlighted in a study conducted in the United States of America, finding that a volumetric construction approach resulted in time savings of 45%, cost savings of 16% and an increase in productivity of 30%. These cost savings continue after construction is complete, as modular facilities can reduce the need to resort to outsourcing.

Why mixed modality?

Our mixed modality solutions bring the speed and flexibility of our mobile and modular solutions together and allow for a high degree of interchangeability. Solutions such as these can be deployed within weeks and have a life span of up to 60 years.

All Healthcare Spaces are available with rental options

All our facilities can be rented; we can tailor a package to suit your budget and desired rental duration which could range from few months to multiple years. 

When renting a Healthcare Space from us, you can expect a high specification, purpose designed facility tailored to meet your specific clinical needs. The availability of flexible solutions offers significant building and maintenance cost savings in both the short and longer term.

The benefits of renting:

  • Flexibility and adaptability – rapid deployment of facilities that are easily scalable to adapt to the changing needs. They can be adapted in a modular fashion to accommodate other uses, or replaced in order to update facilities with the latest technologies and services

  • No burden on the balance sheet – renting does not add to debts/affect the balance sheet

  • No capital purchase required 

  • No maintenance – we own the Healthcare Spaces that we rent and will continually monitor and maintain them to ensure they meet all required standards. All maintenance of the facilities is carried out in accordance with agreed protocols

  • No risks - there are no interest risks, no tax penalties, and no hidden liabilities. We bear all responsibility for the structural engineering and property risks involved

  • Clients only pay for the rental period and at the end of each contract, we will remove the building. Responsibility for the building and its maintenance remains with us


Buying a Healthcare Space may be a better option for your hospital

We provide purchase options for our modular solutions. These permanent modular solutions can be relocated should a client’s requirements change over the lifespan of the facility. 

We can offer flexible financing options to facilitate permanent sales of our modular solutions. We can also provide lifetime servicing and maintenance.

“Q-bital had a strong support team behind delivery and implementation”.
Procurement, Core additional capacity and refurbishment.

Finding a solution that works for your hospital starts here…

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Case studies

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

A mixed-modality mobile and modular surgical solution has been installed in collaboration with University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust to provide additional ophthalmic capacity at Derriford Hospital.

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