Our endoscope decontamination units offers an ideal decant facility during refurbishment programmes or can provide additional endoscope decontamination capacity to hospitals experiencing high demand. Fully HTM compliant, the facility can process up to 120 scopes per day. It provides a spacious, climate-controlled work environment with natural light, designed and equipped in consultation with frontline staff. It can be installed in a matter of hours and becomes operational following a short commissioning period.

Available in mobile and modular, our endoscope decontamination facilities consist of:

  Mobile Modular
  • IP65-rated track and trace system
  • Duplex RO plant
  • 4 AERs
  • 2 drying cabinets
  • 2 double endoscope sinks
  • 3 transport trolleys
  • Chemical storage cabinet
  • Staff welfare area
  • WC
  • Technical room
  • Staff changing area
  • Scope reprocessing rooms
  • Pass-through AERs
  • Clean processing area
  • with drying cabinets
All modular endoscope decontamination units are bespoke to your requirements
Site dimension
19m x 8m plus 15m in front
for delivery
Electrical supply 125 amp 3 phase N+E
Water supply 1 x ¾ inch BSP tap fitting at minimum 3 bar pressure
Foul drainage 1 x 45mm flexible hose to a foul drain
Telecommunications NTE5