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Basingstoke Hospital, Hampshire

A Q-bital mobile endoscopy suite forms part of the strategy for achieving JAG accreditation at Basingstoke Hospital.

The need

In the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust area there were a significant number of patients who required endoscopy treatment. The team at Basingstoke Hospital wanted to make radical changes to ensure patients received prompt treatment. They developed a strategy to increase service provision while maintaining high levels of patient care.

The Q-bital plan

Part of the team’s strategy included renting a mobile endoscopy suite provided by Q-bital Healthcare Solutions. Working alongside the hospital’s clinical and estates teams, the company held a pre-contract meeting. This helped to detail exactly what was required, enabling the teams to set realistic and achievable timescales in which to complete the project. This was critical to its success.

The Q-bital solution

The mobile endoscopy suite was delivered, functional and operational two weeks after necessary testing being carried out. The solution was to provide a high-quality clinical environment, specifically equipped to meet the needs of the hospital.

Creating the additional capacity would ultimately enable the hospital to achieve its JAG accreditation, in particular the timeliness component of the Endoscopy Global Rating Scale (GRS).

The outcome

The Healthcare Space went on to offer the facilities the hospital required to successfully treat 1800 patients, opening the door to JAG accreditation. The hospital also reported very few complications and said patient feedback was positive and testament to the project’s success.

As a result of this, the hospital reduced waiting lists to almost zero for these procedures.

Kathy Barton, Clinical Services Manager at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, told us: “Managing such a high volume of patients was essential if we were to develop our endoscopy facilities and ultimately achieve JAG accreditation. However, we were not willing to compromise our high standard of patient care, hence the decision to use a mobile endoscopy suite. This allowed us to deliver the same level of service as that in the hospital.”

Project statistics


Procedures conducted during refurbishment period


Days from installation to operational


Patients waiting for endoscopy procedures at points in the contract

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