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Whether hospitals are looking to support this crucial service during periods of refurbishment, to temporarily increase clinical capacity during peaks in demand or to help gain JAG accreditation, a mobile endoscopy suite could be the innovation that helps to answer the challenge. Q-bital endoscopy facilities have been widely used in the NHS; one Trust completed more than 8,000 procedures in a unit over three years. They offer HEPA-filtered environmental air which conforms to Grade C EUGMP and include inbuilt decontamination capability with a one-way endoscope flow.

Q-bital mobile endoscopy suites include:

  • Reception
  • Waiting area
  • Consulting room
  • Admission/discharge area
  • Procedure room
  • 4- or 8-bed recovery ward
  • WC with wheelchair access
  • Changing room
  • Refreshment area
  • Utility areas
  • Clean processing room
  • One-way flow for scopes
  • Pass-through endoscope washer/disinfector
  • Dedicated decontamination area
  • Ultraviolet light endoscope storage cabinet
  • HEPA-filtered environmental air which conforms to grade C EUGMP


Unit dimensions 18m x 10m
Site location requirements 26m x 12m
Electrical supply 1 x 150 Amp, 3-phase N+E with D2 250 Amp or D9 150 Amp Marechal socket
Water supply 1 x 15mm pipe at 3 bar – brass tap connection
Foul drainage 5 x 35mm pipe
Telecommunications 2 connections

The initialisation process takes 3-4 hours, followed by an agreed commissioning programme.