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Bassetlaw Hospital, Doncaster

Mobile operation rooms at Bassetlaw Hospital, Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Trust

The need 

The hospital was undergoing roof refurbishment work and the operating rooms were not able to be used. A solution was required to ensure that planned surgeries could go ahead and to provide continuity of care of the Trust patients. 

The plan

The initial plan was for two mobile operating rooms to be provided to cover the downtime from the hospital’s internal rooms, however, during discussions, it was decided that three rooms with modular support areas for storage, changing and welfare would be more appropriate. This plan would ensure the facility was standalone, while covering the loss in capacity. 

The solution

In just 10 weeks, three mobile operating rooms with support modular hub facilities were designed, installed and commissioned. This timescale included the construction of a connecting corridor and fire walls (in consultation with the Trust fire officer). Clinical training was provided for the staff who would run the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the facility. 

The outcome

The construction of the mobile operating rooms meant that the roof refurbishment work did not interrupt the care the hospital was able to provide for their patients. Planned general, breast and laser surgery went ahead, along with arthroplasty, orthopaedic foot, shoulder and hand surgery, and urological, gynaecological, and endoscopy procedures. 

The initial contract hire period was 6 months, but this has since been extended.

Our partnership with Vinci

Vinci approached Q-bital to assist with this project due to a previous successful working relationship. We were pleased to work with Vinci to help the hospital to continue their care during the refurbishment work carried out by Vinci and IHP (a joint venture between Vinci and Sir Robert McAlpine).  

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