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Celebrating clinical teams

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A week of celebration and sharing: The importance of sharing experiences of outstanding clinical practice, teamwork, and personal success across our diverse multidisciplinary teams.

It goes without saying that the past two years have been exceptionally challenging for those working within the healthcare sector, particularly our staff working on facilities up and down the country. With Nurses’ and International Nurses’ day on 12th May and ODP day on 14th May, Q-bital is gearing up to dedicate a week to solely celebrating the hard work of our clinical teams.

From the moment a patient walks into a Q-bital Healthcare Space to the moment they leave, every member of the clinical team is on hand to ensure that they receive the best possible patient outcome. Indeed, from Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) to Scrub and Endoscopy Nurses and Healthcare Assistants (HCAs), the efforts of clinical teams can often be overlooked by the wider operations occurring in healthcare settings. This week we will be giving back to our staff, recognising their outstanding efforts and their continuous work in ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

Born on the 12th May 1820, Florence Nightingale is best known for her work in improving conditions for wounded soldiers during the Crimean war, providing bathing, clean clothing and nourishment to embattled soldiers. Pioneering the early traits of modern nursing, the Lady with the Lamp has become an internationally renowned symbol for Nurses’ and it seems only right to hold international Nurses’ day on the day of her birth, marking the tremendous contributions nurses make to healthcare.

With more than 50 clinical staff covering a range of specialisms and professions, Q-bital clinical teams are a crucial cog in delivering clinical success and tackling hospital waiting lists. During this week, Q-bital will be inviting all our clinical staff to take a break and share their experiences and stories with their peers, opening the floor to celebrate individual and team successes.

Cherry Lee, Head of Clinical Services and Practice said: “As an ODP by trade I have always loved working in Operating Theatres and will admit to being a little bias around the roles Theatre and Endoscopy practitioners, as well the vital role non-qualified practitioners, play in the delivery of care for patients.  Be that undergoing a diagnostic or treatment-based procedure, we are there to be their advocates, when they are feeling vulnerable, worried, scared and alone. “

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