How we can help

Our mobile and modular operating room facilities can offer a significant increase in capacity during downtime for operating theatre refurbishment or during periods of high patient demand. Our operating room solutions gives hospitals a reliable, safe answer to capacity pressures across a range of specialities and procedure types. They have been utilised for procedures including  hip replacements, knee replacements and joint revisions. Our operating room facilities offer HEPA-filtered environmental air that conforms to Grade C EUGMP.

Available in mobile and modular, our operating room facilities consist of:

  Mobile operating room Modular operating room
  • Anaesthetic room
  • Operating room
  • Scrub area
  • 2-bed, first-stage recovery area
  • HEPA-filtered environmental air
  • Integrated medical gas banks
  • Changing room
  • Utility area
All modular operating rooms are bespoke to your requirements
Site dimension requirements: 19m x 10m plus 15m in front for delivery
Electrical supply 125amp 3 phase N+E
Water supply 1 x ¾ inch BSP tap fitting at 3 bar
Foul drainage Access for 1 x 45mm flexible hose to a foul drain
Telecommunications NTE5


The installation process takes 3-4 hours, followed by an agreed commissioning programme.