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Algemeen Stedelijk Hospital (ASZ), Belgium

Algemeen Stedelijk Hospital needed a solution to cover their five month refurbishment programme. Q-bital offered them a fast and effective answer to the challenge of room downtime.

The need

With a planned refurbishment of three of its rooms over a period of five months, the Algemeen Stedelijk Hospital (ASZ) needed a solution to enable it to continue to treat the up to 55,000 patients it sees annually in its acute and general services.

The solutions provider needed to be able to mobilise quickly and provide an environment that met the clinical standards required to conduct surgery, as well as provide a configuration that would help manage and maximise patient flow.

The Q-bital plan

To best meet the hospital’s needs to maximise capacity while refurbishment work was underway, the logistics team at Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, working alongside commissioning partner Simed International, planned to install a mobile laminar flow operating room which includes dedicated anaesthetic and recovery rooms and a full operating room.

The Q-bital solution

The revolutionary design of the temporary room and the ultra-clean air supplied by the laminar flow hood enabled staff at the ASZ to treat patients in both the operating and recovery room. This innovative arrangement, a first for Q-bital, maximised patient flow and essentially doubled the surgical capacity of the facility.

The outcome

The operating room was able to carry out invasive surgeries where the ultra-clean air supplied by the laminar hood significantly reduced the chances of infection. The secondary room which had been established in the recovery room was used to carry out other low risk procedures such as cataract surgery. The ventilation in the additional room space was compliant to the necessary standard for these less invasive procedure types.

Pascal De Ras, Manager of ASZ Wettern’s Technical Department told us: “Q-bital was the only company that could respond to our needs both quickly and within the budgetary constraints. The mobile room complied with all requirements including hygiene, ventilation, electrical safety and comfort.”

Project statistics


Patients treated annually


Months of refurbishment works planned


Increase in capacity of the mobile facility with innovative configuration

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