1. Exploration

Whatever the project driver, we will assign a multi-disciplinary team to undertake a scoping exercise with your expert staff. The project team, consisting of clinical, technical, and logistic experts, will visit your site to gain a detailed understanding of your requirements, your clinical practices and workflows, and to identify potential locations and enabling requirements for additional infrastructure. We will determine how best to deliver any clinical adjacency you require, and produce a detailed design solution to meet your unique needs.

2. See it in action

It is crucial that your clinical, technical and management teams are engaged in creating the appropriate solution from the outset. We can arrange for visits to existing sites to enable discussions with peers about:

  • Procedure types
  • Patient flow
  • Clinical environments
  • Contract deliverables
  • Installation methods
  • Quality
  • Targets and outcomes

3. Tailoring the solution

Working alongside your estates team, we will design and implement a bespoke solution using the appropriate blend of mobile, modular and fixed infrastructure. Our outputs will include:

  • Comprehensive site survey
  • CAD drawings
  • Step by step delivery guide
  • Groundworks report
  • Recommendations for link corridors, storage and utilities connections

Our clinical experts will collaborate with your clinical team to provide the reassurance that our solution will deliver to your high standards. They will discuss:

  • Clinical adjacency
  • Patient pathway
  • Risk management
  • Patient flow
  • Equipment requirements
  • Staffing levels
  • Best practice to achieve optimal utilisation of the mobile units

We have a team of independent advisors who offer support with infection prevention, pharmacy, resuscitation, and appointed persons for decontamination and medical gasses.

When you work with us, responsibility for the patient’s care stays in your hands, in line with local protocols.

Clinical staff and equipment

If hospital resources are stretched, Q-bital can supply clinical support staff and medical equipment to supplement the additional infrastructure. Through our partnerships, we can also provide a complete insourced clinical service solution, providing additional procedures on your site, with the full infrastructure that that allows.

Business case

We can, if required, assist with the formulation of business cases to help you articulate the outputs of the project in relation to financial and other performance targets.

4. Implementation

After designing and developing a solution with you, Q-bital prepares the infrastructure and services package ready for initialisation. Our clinical contracts manager will organise an operational delivery meeting to agree on work practices and responsibilities for the contract, enabling all parties to make appropriate preparations. Q-bital manages the transportation and installation process to an agreed timescale to ameliorate any impact on staff and patients.


Once installed, the commissioning programme will take place to ensure the facility is fully prepared to go live. During this process, all technical testing is completed and signed off with your responsible persons. Clinical teams will have the opportunity to validate the patient pathway and confirm adherence to your local policies.

6. In practice

The mobile facilities are maintained and serviced by Q-bital specialist engineers available 24 hours a day. For the duration of the project, our facilities can be monitored through an agreed set of KPIs, ensuring that hospital staff have full visibility of key delivery markers.

What sets Q-bital service apart

  • Maximum flexibility – choose the service level that best suits your requirements
  • Rapid response rate
  • Access to clinical and technical support services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Measurement of key performance metrics
  • Online portal to enable quick access to all documentation
  • Long pedigree of working with service providers

They have assisted the Health Board every step of the way providing a first class service Lesley
Capital Planning Manager