The Need

Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital was planning to upgrade the air quality systems in its established embryology laboratory. While the work was ongoing, its Assisted Conception Service and the embryologists working within it needed to be able to continue their pioneering work. The refurbishment was to take place over a six-week period.

The Q-bital Plan

Experts from the hospital, their contractors and Q-bital came together to plan a solution. They would help the hospital maintain its capacity through the use of a Q-bital mobile operating theatre.

The Q-bital Solution

All systems within the mobile theatre perform to a high standard and they provided immediate cover. The Healthcare Space also comfortably housed all lab equipment and the hospital’s embryologists.

Embryology in progress in mobile operating theatre

The Outcome

The mobile theatre provided the space for the hospital to continue its pioneering work. It also enabled patients already started on a fertility treatment cycle to continue their treatment.

Alison Kennedy, Assisted Conception Service Manager at Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital, told us: “The absence of any form of lab facility during the refurbishment project would have prevented the hospital from continuing treatment for those patients already started on a fertility treatment cycle.” The Q-bital facility provided much-needed relief.